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oledThe basics of OLED

Unlike traditional LCDs, which require a backlight source, OLEDs utilize specialized light emitting diodes that can display great colors and super black scenes. Discover how this innovative display technology works.

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wifiUnderstanding Wi-Fi 6

The specifications for the newest wireless standard have already been approved by Wi-Fi Alliance; as always, speed and data throughput have been significantly increased. Discover the key Wi-Fi 6 advantages.

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smartphoneFuture smartphone features

Smartphones haven't evolved too much lately, but manufacturers are working hard to create devices that can work for several days without needing a charger, include mini-projectors, advanced AR features, etc.

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antivirusNext-gen antivirus technologies

Modern antiviruses utilize several layers of protection to keep our devices safe. Any security suite makes use of a huge database of known threats, includes modules that monitor suspicious computer activities, and so on.

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cloudCloud computing 101

The cloud consists of hardware and software resources that are located off-site and can be rented for a reasonable fee. People and companies utilize cloud services to build and host their applications and data.

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bitcoinBeginner's guide to Bitcoin

People use digital wallets to send and receive bitcoins. Transactions are instant and the system uses both public and private keys, making it almost impossible to steal cryptocurrency from other people's digital wallets.

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